One photo – three countries – Argentina, Brazil and Paraguay

This is a pretty boring picture – a simple river and its tributary with not much in the way of discernible or beautiful landscape features.


However, in reality, it is kind of interesting, in that it shows three different countries.  Straight ahead is Brazil, to the left is Paraguay and the bush in the foreground (and indeed from where the photo is taken) is Argentina.  If one were to walk by this site unaware of the location, they would have no idea of the significance, were it not for a mini monument a block away. . .


We found it intriguing that such a mundane looking place was significant due to the man-made constructs of territories/countries/boundaries.

As for our travels, we only made it to the Argentinian and Brazilian sides – despite Erwan debating on whether we should just find a local fisherman to ferry us across to Paraguay, land our feet, take a selfie and claim we had been to the country.

And the reason, we only went to the Argentinian and Brazilian sides was due to a much more significant boundary – Iguazu (or Iguacu) Falls (see previous post). . .

Here it was spectacular even without the manmade concepts. . .

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