A sponsor – L’Autruche brewery

SECOND UPDATE – So, after losing our L’Autruche cups back in Panama (see below), we arranged for new ones to be sent to us in Rio, since we would be there for 5 days, had a confirmed Airbnb address and it seemed like a good amount of time for the international postage to work (a little over a month).  Sadly, it wasn’t – the cups arrived in Rio three days after we left. 

We thus, got our very kind Rio host to send it to our Airbnb host in Buenos Aires (covering his cost of course).  We knew it might not make there during the week we were first visiting, but due to our booked cruise leaving and returning via the Argentine capital, we thought we’d be able to pick the package up one of those times.  Prior to our cruise, we were back in the city for two days, but sadly we received no word on the cups.  On our first day of the cruise, we received an email from our previous BA host saying that a letter from Argentinian customs came.  After getting a cousin to translate the Spanish, we realised that it wasn’t just a matter of paying a custom’s fine and instead, the cups were lost forever because:

  1. We would only be back in town on a Sunday when the office is closed, before flying out to Salta in northern Argentina.
  2. But more significantly, the package was mistakenly addressed to Angel Guillo Lohan (our BA host’s first name with Erwan’s surname) and to retrieve, one had to present an Argentine tax ID. Angel Guillo Lohan does not exist and thus have said ID.  Jen debated photoshopping a fake one, but that would be fraud and she wouldn’t do well in jail, let alone a South American one.

Therefore, the cups have had a tour of the South American mail systems and not a proper one.  We are again looking into getting another set, however it probably won’t be until our time in Asia – stay tuned!

UPDATE – sadly when evacuating from Hurricane Otto (see November 23rd blog post on the ordeal), we misplaced our travel L’Autruche cups!  Sad face.  We are working on getting some new ones, but the photos will be out of commission until then.  Another sad face.

We are happy to say that our travels are ‘sponsored’ by L’Autruche  (they promised us free beer for photos).

L’Autruche is a microbrewery and bar in Toulouse.  They have A.MAZ.ING beer and also host beer making workshops – check them out!