Iguacu/Iguazu – a photo blog

There’s not really a story for us behind Iguacu (Brazilian) or Iguazu (Argentinian), other than it’s spectacular.  Hearing such great things about it from friends and family, it was on our list of must dos and we were not disappointed.  Plus, considering it was on the border, it provided an easy and cheap way to cross from Brazil into Argentina.

Many visitors only see one side or the other – we think it’s worth seeing both – largely to get a full view of the natural wonder, but it’s also interesting on how both sides treat their respective national parks.

On the Brazilian side, there’s only one trail, which is concrete and absolutely packed with people (you often must wait in a line to take a photo from a vantage point).  However, on this side, you can see the falls by helicopter – over $200 for 10 minutes (a bit of a steep price for us).  On the Argentinian side, there’s multiple trails, which are wooden and raised above ground so as not to disturb the wildlife.  They also don’t allow helicopter tours for the same reason.

Due to the number of trails, one only needs a half day to visit the Brazilian side (we spent about four hours, including the lines to enter and all the lines Jen waited in to take pictures).  Whereas on the Argentinian side, you need a full day because there’s so many trails to walk.

Given the scale of trails and the very varied vantage points, we preferred the Argentinian side.

Both sides also had an interesting racoon-like animal, called the quati in Portuguese or the coati in Spanish.


Their natural habitate appears to be the National Park Snack Bar. . .



Now for the photos. . .

Brazilian side


Argentinian side




Oh, and on the Argentinian side, Jen took a boat ride under the falls.  Erwan wasn’t allowed due to his cast and thus not having the ability to hold on with two hands.  Jen loved it – she got drenched, but it was 20 minutes of pure joyous fun.


Plus, it allowed for several interesting selfies, including one where it looks like the grim reaper is coming for her. . .



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