About Us

Jen is American (and as of February 2016, also Welsh); Erwan is French and we met speed dating in Beijing.

That was December 2003.  After 6 months enjoying ol’ Pekin and travelling together in China, we moved to France for a year. Sounds glamourous, but since Erwan was struggling to find a job for most of that time, Jen asked if he would move to London with her, while she studied for her Masters.

That was September 2005 and we’ve been living in London ever since.  We love it! It is multicultural, dynamic, eclectic, cultural, and great for finding good food (Erwan’s passion, Jen’s useless in the kitchen).  We have great neighbours, a great community garden and of course our great cat, George – everything you want really.

Whilst we love our life, we always seemed to be longing for our next holiday and we find that with our 9-5s (or in our case often 8-8s), we don’t always have as much time as we would like for our passions:


One day while enjoying some rum in St. Lucia, an idea hit us – what if we did this holiday thing for longer, like maybe a whole year?!  What?! That’s just crazy. . .

That was March 2014 and while, at first we thought it was the drink talking, we started discussing it more seriously and more and more frequently.  Thus, when earlier in the year we both found possibilities to get sabbaticals, we jumped at it and here we are – October 2016, about to embark on a year long (maybe we’ll see how long the Brexit pound lasts) excursion around the world!

There’s just one hitch – our beloved Georgie Boy, who we will sorely miss (just typing this, Jen is crying). . .

One of our favourite photos of the two of us. Taken in 2006, but we returned in 2008, when Erwan proposed. . .