On day 3 of our time in Dominican Republic, we checked into the Extreme Hotel in Cabarete.


As you can see from their sign, they offer A LOT on site – seriously check them out.  However the sign forgets to list their most awesome thing of all – Morpheus, their cat.

img_4550While walking to our room after checking in, a small black and white cat greeted us on the walkway.  Not only was he friendly, but he led us to our room and came inside with us!  He watched us settle in and then stayed for cuddles and our homemade cocktails (he didn’t partake and actually didn’t like the smell of them).


At dinner later that night, we met the owner of the hotel and he informed us that Morpheus was actually a she (we always make assumptions due to George – sorry).  We also learned that she went by multiple names – we won’t list them here because, we still prefer Morpheus.  Sadly we didn’t see her anymore that day (sad face).

The next morning our room flooded (see previous post).  While we were able to preserve all our stuff, Jen was concerned about our new friend.  Was she ok?  Was she hiding and scared?  Would she understand that we moved to a different room and still come visit us?  Our prayers were answered when later that afternoon, we heard meowing and light scratching at our new door.  Morpheus was ok and she found us!  We had another cuddle of course and then her and Jen even shared a nap together. . .


That was Election Day (we now called the heavy rains, Storm Trump), and although we didn’t really watch coverage that evening, Jen woke up from insomnia at 2:30am.  She checked the results – oh the mercy!  Within 15 minutes of Jen contemplating the bleak future, there was again meowing and light scratching at the door!  Morpheus had come to comfort Jen!  Ok, in reality, she came into the room and prowled around a bit (nighttime hunting?) before settling at the foot of the bed – but still she was there and Jen was happy and in the moment.

Morpheus continued to visit us throughout our stay – and she even met and played with Petit George.


However all good things come to an end.  Ten minutes before we checked out, Morpheus came to say goodbye.  Jen is convinced her meows were sadder this time. . .


Morpheus is so far the best friend we’ve met on this trip and in Jen’s book at least, will be heard to beat. . .

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