Virginia is for Lovers!

So our first week away was travel level easy – we were in the US and mostly visiting places that we’ve been before.  It was great to see family and catch up with friends – some of whom we haven’t seen in years!

However, there was still a bit of adventure:

  • Erwan got to experience some proper rollercoasters (they don’t really do them right in Europe) at Busch Gardens
  • We tested some of the new microbrews in Richmond (the 3 pepper ale from Rock Bottom is Jen’s new all time fave)
  • We played at some of the Virigina LOVEworks located throughout the state. . .

Even Petit George got in on the photo shoot fun. . .


Virginia is for lovers!  We’ll be back Commonwealth – although next time, preferably not during the election high season. . .

And of course, a word from our sponsor. . .


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