Spotting wildlife from the bus in Patagonia – a photoblog

With its semi-arid, mountainous landscape, Patagonia is home to a few unique animals.  Thing is, for much of our time travelling through the countryside, we were on a bus (see previous post).  Yet, despite being on a double decker cruising along at 60mph, we were still able to catch glimpses of some of the native fauna. . .

Guanaco – sort of a cross between a llama and deer.  These were Jen’s favourites and the roads even have guanaco crossing signs (we at first mistook them for llama crossings).  You can spot one of these signs in a foot selfie in the previous post. . .

Choique – a Patagonian ostrich.  We didn’t see as many of these as the guanaco.  And even when we did, they were usually running at top speed away from the bus, so the pictures weren’t great.


And finally, like in many arid climates, we were even able to see an armadillo.  It helped that the bus was stopped at this point. . .

Of course, the best wildlife we saw in Patagonia were the penguins and sea lions in Ushuaia  – that’ll need to be a whole other post – coming soon, we promise. . .

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