Every foreigner has a story…

Travel lets you meet new people from all walks of life.  Boquete was certainly one of those experiences for us.  It’s a small town, with a swiss village feel to it, perched at the foot of the Volcan Baru. The weather is constant all year round (except for the 3 days we were there), between 25 and 27 degrees celsius – perfect for coffee growing. . .


This is the place where loads of Americans and other foreigners have elected to live – often definitely leaving something else.  Most of them are quite open about why they left and we met a few interesting characters.  They were either fleeing the IRS and/or Feds, setting up an autonomous community that relies on the gold standard (convinced that the US/world economy will go bust soon), or taking a well earned retirement, but then getting hooked on running a coffee plantation. . .

We’ll remain vague on the specifics of each that we met, but they were all happy to share their experience, and these characters made our trip to Boquete interesting to say the least. . .

Oh, and we might start the “Gemma” list, which is a list of the people who have annoyed you on your trip.  We are starting to have a few of them as well. . .

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