Sleepless in Panama – part 2

When the previous post was posted, we were actually waiting for a delayed flight from Panama City to David, in order to visit Boquete.  The flight was scheduled for 7:42, so we had to wake up before 6 to get to the airport in time.  This is following the previous morning where we woke up at 6 in order to get to Monkey Island in time to see the monkeys.  We digress. . .

Due to a storm in David (seriously the monsoons are following us), our flight was delayed, then delayed again, then delayed again.  And again.  After 4 times back and forth through security (the domestic lounge didn’t have wifi or indeed many seats) and a day of getting frustrated with the spotty airport wifi, our flight was finally cancelled.

Following a somewhat tortuous procedure, we got rebooked for the next morning flight and the airline is even putting us up for the night – remarkable considering the delay is due to weather (thanks CopaAirlines!).  They also didn’t just put us up in the closest hotel – we’re back in town on the 21st floor of the swanky Golden Tower Hotel.  The bathroom is the size of the hostel dorm that we just moved out of. . .

However, we have to wake up at 5am tomorrow in order to catch the shuttle back to the airport for our flight.  In nice digs, but still sleepless. . .

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