Our last cuddles

A photo from our first visit with George – he was in hiding for most of that day, but then came out as soon as I called him. I’m his people. . .

Due to finding rental tenants earlier than expected, we moved out of our house in mid September and have been couch surfing in London whilst we finished our jobs and prepared for the trip. Sadly, George also had to move out and he’s been in his temporary home for the past few weeks.

It’s been difficult for him – he spent the first evening trying to open the front door to get back home.  A week later, he escaped, made his way back to our house, and was found meowing at our old bedroom window trying to get back in.  When Erwan retrieved him and brought him to his new ‘home’, he was more confused than ever.  But over time he is now getting used to his new enivrons – he’s even sleeping on his caretaker at night!

We’ve been visiting him throughout this time – first daily, then every other day and now twice a week, to get him use to us not being around.  It’s probably the hardest on Jen.

But today, was the last cuddles for a year L Jen’s emotions are a roller coaster – super stoked about the trip, but downright depressed at leaving her fur-baby.  And what makes it saddest is that George doesn’t realise that he won’t see us for such a long time. . .

The ‘best’ attempted selfie from our last cuddle session. . .




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