Where we will be?

One of Erwan’s many photos from an airplane window – the boy loves them. . .

So the rough plan is 4 months in South America, 2 months in Australia/ New Zealand, 4 months in south east Asia and then making our way back to London via the old Silk Road.  We don’t have a round the world ticket – just booking cheap one ways everywhere.  If we like a place, we stay; if we don’t, we move on.  Thus, we want to keep it pretty open.  However we have booked the first few months, or until New Years:

  • USA (28 Oct to 5 Nov)
  • Dominican Republic (5 Nov to 12 Nov)
  • Panama (13 Nov – 21 Nov)
  • San Blas Islands (21 Nov – 26 Nov)
  • Columbia (26 Nov – 30 Nov)
  • Ecuaduor (1 Dec – 16 Dec)
  • Uruguay (17 Dec)
  • Brazil (18 Dec – 28 Dec)
  • Argentina (from 29 Dec)

After that, we have 2 months until 3 March to cover Argentina, Chile and Bolivia.

On 4 March we land in Auckland and on 30 April, we fly from Perth to Hanoi.

This is not a stock photo – it’s from our trip to Puerto Rico for New Year’s 2016. We plan on seeing more sunsets like this over the next year. . .

3 thoughts on “Where we will be?

  1. Ravie d’avoir rencontré George !!!! Grand bonheur qui me manquait…. Bon vent les ptits loups et profitez de ce superbe cadeau que vous vous faites !!!


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